With Eternipedia, the knowledge of Wikipedia is lasered onto a porcelain clay tablet.
Preserved forever for our posterity.


A little goes a long way

With even a small donation you can contribute to the production of clay tablets to preserve humanity‘s most important knowledge for future generations.

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A clay tablet to preserve vital articles of Wikipedia.

Have you ever wondered about the limits of modern technology?

Well, we were. Most of humanities knowledge currently resides on harddrives and in cloud storage but neither can withstand the test of time. Technical devices will weather and be destroyed in few year’s time, additionally, the ones who won’t be destroyed will be useless without electricity.

That’s why the Eternipedia team looked into the past to find out which so-called memory devices could carry information until some modern archaeologists found and deciphered them. They discovered most ancient knowledge to be carved into stone and with this realization the idea behind Eternipedia was born: Combining well-tested materials with the latest technical possibilities.

What will your donation be used for?

We strive to preserve the knowledge of Wikipedia and its most vital articles for our posterity. That’s why we need YOUR contribution to our cause.

Every donation you make and every pledge to our Patreon helps with the production of new clay tablets.

Our project operates under a no-profit strategy. So all the funds we raise are reinvested into materials, powering our machines, producing clay tablets and storing those for generations to come.

What does the future look like? 

Eternipedia will continue experimenting on the best methods to produce durable clay tablets to store text, images and even music. Once all the clay tablets are produced, they will be stored in a safe place for our posterity. 


Learn more about what's behind "Eternipedia"

We are a Project Team from Germany based at TH Nürnberg. We decided to take up Prof. Lano’s project “Eternipedia” and are currently working on continuing the collaborative efforts between Media Engineering and Materials Enginnering to create a medium which can last for eternity.

Our cause is to preserve humanity’s knowledge on clay tablets. That’s why our team developed an unique, extremely durable clay recipe that can be crafted into small, practical clay tablets which can hold knowledge for eternity after being burned in the fires of our kiln. 

Our clay tablets are all made by hand. From our programming team that writes the code for the image and text conversion, to the material engineers who roll out our clay plates. The clay is then mill-cut and then picked up by Prof. Raab who puts said tablets into the kiln. 

On this website you can learn more about our production methods and take a look behind the scenes with our Team.

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